Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Holy crap, is there a LOT going on. Almost no time to post here these days.
I have about a dozen weapons I'm working on, including 2 I need to get done for myself or relatives, and a ton of photos that need shot.

I still have yet to hook up the vinyl cutter, rebuild the computer that will be dedicated to it, and the Boy will be here sometime in the first week of June.
I need a clone.

So quickly:

I like MY rainbow better than Skittles (FNFAL mags, color coded for different loadings)

So I'm driving through Des Moines the other day, and blow past an African Grocery store.
I may have to stop & go in, mostly because I want to know what the frak an "ANFRAK" is.

And lastly, nbut not leastly, here is an FAL Test magazine with the popular "pine-straw" or "broom straw" camo pattern. The base color is MagPul Flat Dark Earth, the overlays are Sniper Green, Desert Mirage Brown and Matte Black, followed up witha matte clearcoat.
I have yet to find an Iowa appropriate shade of green, but reckon I'll get there somtime soon.

So, TTFN and have a lovely rest of May.

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