Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Shop time today, but a pretty good day anyway...

Apparently, Eli has been contemplating what he wants for his 1st birthday in a few months:

I'm still amazed at how much he is riveted to the laptop or desktop by Boowa and Kwala. Too bad the people that run the site have no idea how to merchandise- but its probably for the best for our finances.

We played trucks today, and hung out, until it was time to get ready for daddy to go see Marcus Luttrell speak. The Des Moines Entrepreneurs Organization had him over at the ValAir Ballroom.

As I people watched the crowd (I was about 30 minutes early,) I am pretty sure that only the vets there had much of a clue what he was talking about. It was kind of odd to see a bunch of "suits" who had paid $100 a head to go see this man, and yet be confused why he had a dog with him for his book signing. One genius behind me even asked a buddy "He's not blind, is he?"
Jeebus. Thick.

At least I got to see him speak. My pics all came out for crap, but its all good. I know I was there, and I had a chance to give him one of these: (Decal is NOT my idea, but I executed it a bit differently. Its about 14 inches wide, and 2.5 tall.)

Saturday will breing more work, and more driving. I hope the weather holds.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Post-Valentine's Day!

Hope you all made it through A-ok and had some fun.
Heavy on the working, light on the blog posting. Sorry amigos. Maybe some pics of an LAR.308 once it is appropriately digified.
For now- how about some coffee?

Colors are white, pink lady, stealth grey and cherry red.

Pics were sahot before any cleanup & touchup. These went to our SO's, and were an excellent proof of concept that the new curing oven rocks and rolls.