Friday, July 31, 2009

PayPal hates Soldiers?

Check this story out:
I KNEW they hate gun owners, but this is too damn much.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Born Again American- Decepticons, ATTACK!

Hope there is enough time left to make a difference.

Nice sentiment, right? Nice feelings, all extra American-y and squishy?
Watch it twice, and you will poop Red White and Blue bunting for your porch, a Star Spangled collar for your firedog Spot, and with a third watching, you might cough up an apple pie AND a baseball game with extra innings.

This website looks awesome, designed to getcha to sign the Declaration-of-Independence style Pledge they have (I did, to see what I get in my inbox.)

Thing is-this site's "TAKE THE NEXT STEP" link has the logo for People For The American Way pop up. Go there. Look at what they support.

I got suspicious when I saw the Church Choirs. If it is the LEFT, a Choir is ok to use for politics- but not for the Right, or for libertarians-oh hell no! Remember, Jeezus was a community organizer, Pilate was a governor (like Arnold.)

Eff the US. When I was younger, I Pledged Allegiance to it- but it was the version that our Founders envisioned- the vibrant, productive, INDEPENDENT version I dreamed about, read about, and was taught about in Scouting- NOT BHO's broke-assed nanny state, where Predators fly over major metros to "help" us. If it ever recovers, then I will honor my Pledge.

I'm loyal to God, Family, Friends and my future home State.
If the coasts ever burn, well then, GOOD.
It will be a start.

Born Again American , my ass. More like American Redesigned and Reeducated.
The Liberty tree is thirsty indeed...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Free or Affordable Firearms!

Well, $10 gets you a crack at one through Soldier's Angels, ParaUSA's new GI Expert entry-level 1911.
Pretty sweet, huh?

How about an AK-47 to go with your new truck?
ManCow's brother Mark DOES IT AGAIN. I love those guys @ MAX MOTORS!
I think my next vehicle purchase is through them.

Don't be surprised if the link doesn't work right away, CNN ran with the story this morning and it has been randomly FUBAR ever since.

Have an awesome weekend!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Eff. Cee. You. K. It all to heck.

As a kid in 1977, Star Wars (before A New Hope) was the greatest thing ever invented.
A lightsaber stashed in the Christmas tree is one of my favorite childhood memories (prolly Christmas 1978.) The frosted white plastic blade on the fugly orange Everready flashlight, with a simple black circular handguard, made my year. Screen accurate? Nope. But I think it topped anythign I got for my entire childhood.

Being a recovering SW nerd, (as I imagine it was with many boys of my generation,) it would have been ideal to grow up and become a Jedi Knight.

In the really real world, though, nobody gets to carry a sword, and if they do, they certainly won't get any respect. Without cool-assed Force abilities, there was not much point in even fantasizing about it. The closest an American kid could hope to get is to grow up to be all snarky, cool, and good with a blaster like Han Solo.

If you look at my previous post, you see a picture of me, holding my kid, desperately needing a haircut.

As I jammed out to the 80's tunes on the radio the other morning, about 3:30 ish, wrenching away on a bike, thinking about my Boy, I had a grin cross my face. All the fun we were having playing, about how proud I am as a poppa, and about all the silly nicknames I call him.

Like Lumpy.

Lumpy. Hmmm. Wasn't that Chewie's kid's name? Lumpawaroo, or some damn stupid Holiday Special thing like that?

Then I got distracted by busting my knuckles. And let out a bit of a holler.
Like a Wookie.

It hit me.

I will NEVER be Luke Skywalker.
I will never be Han Solo.
Because I am f^&*ing Chewbaccca.

(Presumed Copyright Lucasfilm Limited.)

No wonder I feel like pulling people's arms off, on most days. Damn.
I can't wait until S-Mart is behind me. Clock is ticking, my time is short there, and I have about all the stock I want in that place now (literally, purchased at an employee discount of 15%.)

As a side note, those big flat panels that play REALLY annoying commercials non-stop at S-mart? You can turn them off. All it takes is a TV-B-Gone. Ask me how I know.
(I'm sure they are still trying to find the remote for the breakroom monitor.)

Now I can't wait to shop at OTHER "S-MArt" locations on my days off.
Plus, I will never have to watch NASCAR again while we are out to eat.

(Insert Wookie laugh here.)

I have to ship off my bowcaster, er, I mean Saiga-12 Wednesday for a super-secret project. I'm kinda bummed, but at least I know it will be in good hands.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank You!

A big heartfelt THANK YOU to our Soldiers, Sailors, Arimen, Marines and Guardsmen on this 4th of July, and every day.

I wish you were all home, but thanks for giving me the opportunity to NOT be where you are.
We appreciate it.