Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Born Again American- Decepticons, ATTACK!

Hope there is enough time left to make a difference.

Nice sentiment, right? Nice feelings, all extra American-y and squishy?
Watch it twice, and you will poop Red White and Blue bunting for your porch, a Star Spangled collar for your firedog Spot, and with a third watching, you might cough up an apple pie AND a baseball game with extra innings.

This website looks awesome, designed to getcha to sign the Declaration-of-Independence style Pledge they have (I did, to see what I get in my inbox.)

Thing is-this site's "TAKE THE NEXT STEP" link has the logo for People For The American Way pop up. Go there. Look at what they support.

I got suspicious when I saw the Church Choirs. If it is the LEFT, a Choir is ok to use for politics- but not for the Right, or for libertarians-oh hell no! Remember, Jeezus was a community organizer, Pilate was a governor (like Arnold.)

Eff the US. When I was younger, I Pledged Allegiance to it- but it was the version that our Founders envisioned- the vibrant, productive, INDEPENDENT version I dreamed about, read about, and was taught about in Scouting- NOT BHO's broke-assed nanny state, where Predators fly over major metros to "help" us. If it ever recovers, then I will honor my Pledge.

I'm loyal to God, Family, Friends and my future home State.
If the coasts ever burn, well then, GOOD.
It will be a start.

Born Again American , my ass. More like American Redesigned and Reeducated.
The Liberty tree is thirsty indeed...

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