Monday, March 23, 2009

American Problem, American Solution

...the Ammo shortage. Well, it ain't really a solution, but it does help in finding ammo.
h/t to Michael Bane. This is frigging COOL.

Ammunition Price Search Engine

De la démocratie en Amérique, 2009

So the always super-smart PCS was asked to write an article for blogcritic.
You gotta check it out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

If you can read this, I must be sleeping...

Seeing as how job A ends at 7 PM and job C starts at 12AM, and I have to eat, sleep and shower in between, minus 30 minutes for driving, there is obviously no way this is posted in real time. Frak, I'm tired.

Just HAD to check in, though, as something I love, it turns out, is not quite as dead as I thought it was.

The Boys Are Back is how this was presented to me-

(Credit to

Still, I'm bummed that Battlestar Galactica (Praise Be Its Name) is airing the final 2 hour episode of the series tonight, and I will be snoozing through it. Double Frak.

There goes the best show on TV since FireFly; and with it goes one of the best casts ever assembled. And frigging Dr. Who is only run as specials this year. TRIPLE FRAK.

At least I get to watch Cap'n Mal in Castle, and the show is actually fun. Be better if they ditched his Mom as a character though. That actress always bugs the crap out of me- she's a female Kevin Costner (not to be mean, but she is typecast. Same character, different name, every show.)

The only thing stronger than FRA I can use to express my disappointment at working through Glenn Beck's Ramos & Compean interview today is FELGERCARB. How's that date me as a geek?

Not that it matters, since I'm on "the LIST," and when Missouri State Patrol builds their Terminator drones, I'm a goner. Do YOU qualify for THE LIST?

I was glad to hear that apparently we have our first SpEd President now- something about him bowling in the Special Olympics or whatever.

Still doesn't explain that damn wife of his though- I still hear "Sex Machine" whenever I see her lumber onto my telescreen( BAD!) "y-HA! Get onah UpHA! Geton UP!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Introducing: Galt's Grub!

Well, not really. jsut after weeks of off again-on again yogurt night stocking, I have a few things that I would really like to have made, but have no incentive to even whip up in photoshop, let alone cook.

Item number 1:
Blackberry Bacon Jihad
Basically a swirly blackberry and vanilla yogurt, with little genuine bacon bits interspersed with the berries.
Besides, the name is guaranteed to aggravate somebody. Sorry to my Jewish friends; it cannot be marked with a magic "Circle K."
Unitarians should be alright, though.

Item number 2:
Ugly American Cheese
it will be 100% all natural and organic, and only be sold in clumps, wrapped in recycled wax paper tied with Jute twine (PJ O'Rourke- its St. Pats and I found a use for that jute crap!)

Item Number Three:
(Should be number 1 in importance!)
Fresh roasted Jamaican Blue Mound Coffee, packaged in depleted-uranium cans (Dark Roast,) Polished Titanium Nitrided cans (Medium Roast,) or cans made of burnt up automobiles (Angry French Youth Roast.)

Number 4:
BallisTex-Mex Chili Seasoning
Gunpowder, Ground Roast Anchos, and 2% of either OC flavoring or ground roast Chocolate Habaneros.

Number 5:
Mrs. Clusterf%^k's Buttery Syrup
Maple flavored-comes in a cankled Secretary-of-State shaped bottle (and NO I don't mean Condi.)
Prune-flavored-comes in a FORMER Secretary-of-State Shaped bottle (Extra wrinkly & ineffective, so STILL not Condi.)

Item #6:
Clinton & Quagmire's Ice Cream
Giggity, giggity. You don't want to know.
One flavor, Banana Intern Delight.

Ok, I think I'm done being 12 years old for now. Off to watch Punisher:War Zone again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EW! Painted Guns!

I see this sentiment from time to time; I read it on gunblogs and in message forums that I choose to not post in. Any other tool in someones garage will have paint on it, to protect it from the elements or during long term storage. Nobody's shovel is blued; the only nickel ones I have ever seen were for ground-breaking ceremonies. I don't recall any parkerized shovels, either, for that matter.
But I digress from my original inent of this post.
DuraCoat, or MolyResin, or CeraKote are all cool and have excellent properties; they do NOT fit every situation, though.

Bluing is a dying art; one that I intend to learn when shop space allows for a proper setup.
A beautiful bluing job will cost you quite a chunk of change.
If you have extremely acidic sweat, like one current customer, you may end up either paying for bluing again and again over the life of a very nice Winchester Select, or you can go another route: Nickel plating.

It can be had afforadably, it holds up extremely well to salt and acidics in your sweat, and can be either a matte finish (like this receiver,) or shiny as can be, with a proper polishing.

Just make sure to mask the spots you don't want plated, or you are in for one heck of a fun time fitting all of your parts back in a frame or receiver.

And reassembled:

The problem with the anti-painted gun bias is this:
You can plate a turd, you can polish or blue a turd, but if someone, oh, say, carries a gun until it has 0% blue and 5% rust, there is no way you can polis, plate or blue a turd and have it smooth without dishing the hell out of the surface- THAT is where DuraCoat comes in.


Remedy pics to be posted in about 2 weeks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recommended Browsing Bleg

The KOREAN WAR PROJECT is an awesome website run by a few fellas who care, and it runs on a shoestring, many times.
I have never been able to send them the kind of financial support I would like to- but if you can spare a buck here or there, please send it to these guys, as they are a real class act.

They were able to provide me with just as much information (and more leads) on an MIA family member than even the US Army could.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Diedre. ..

...means sorrowful (last time I looked it up, anyway.)

She started as a meek Russian immigrant...

and is now a naturalized, right wing whacko American.
At the least, old school conservative.

You too can have your own "VERY.FAVORITE.GUN."
$625, Saiga-12, delivered
$167 worth of "group buy" parts, over a year ago-included Tapco Trigger, hammer & sear, ACE Stock and ACE Folding Mechanism
$50 (delivered) of Tromix DIY Trigger Guard
and about $200 worth of MD20 drum (not pictured.)
Good thing I owed myself a DuraCoat job, or this would have got pricey.
I'm still down around $90 in muzzlebrake and $125$235 in forearm, once I decide- then I'll need a sling. Luckily, the 4-position gas plug is coming as a freebie.
All I have to complain about is the godforsaken BHO spring- what a pain that was to figure out. The shepherds crook was semi-worthless; this one gets 3/16" e-clips until I locate a metal crook.
Anyone have any leads?

What if?

Thanks to Lew Rockwell for putting this one up.

NPR can be funny...

I was listening to a special on the banking crisis on NPR on the way to the sho Saturday, and heard what will be my candidate for "line of the quarter."

"That's a nice global economy you've got a shame if something should happen to it..."