Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Prep!

So, we have had 2 rounds of "false Labor" so far (probably really Stage 1 of actual labor, but what do you do.) I called in to S-Mart last night, I was toasted, felt like crap, and had overslept anyway. 9 Minutes late=tardy=unexcused absence with that place, so I figured why bother? I may be canned tonight, I may not. I'm too fried to care either way- I'll go in tonight & find out, as long as Baby isn't pending.

Our bags are packed, and all that is left to go in them are the "unpluggables-" you know, the laptop, the camera/chargers/batteries, etc.

Pics of the young'n will go up after he arrives- whic is te4chnically 'posed to be on June 4, but the way it's going, I may have to switch out some Alexandrite for emeralds.
It's all good.

So, here is a pic of the Daddy "Go-Bag."

Armchair commandos will like most of it, but it is you HHG lovers that will get that THIS Daddy is really trying to be a Hoopy Frood for his new family.

(Enclosed Mommy & Baby Boy presents NOT pictured.)

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