Monday, May 25, 2009


Put down the bar-b-que tongs for a minute and give a silent thank you to our nation's war dead.

Or better yet, give an out-loud hearty "THANK YOU!" to a live Veteran.

Photo Credit: The Gettysburg Daily

Please, folks, support the Korean War Project. Every little bit helps.


Brigid said...

I've just seethed to see people on TV using this day to expound on why we shouldn't be at war. That is not what this day is about.

It's a Memorial, not a soapbox.

May the veterans who have fallen somehow know how much they were appreciated and those who still serve know that we support their courage no matter what our beliefs as to the fight.

Northwest Minuteman said...

God Bless all our troops who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and Goddamn those that seek to destroy it!