Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Patriot's Day!

I slept all day today- something about 4 hours of sleep in a 48 hour stretch did me in. % hours of paid labor yesterday, and 10 hours plus of observation at the Ames, shooting event yesterday, and I was fried. I left for Ames right after my post- S-Mart shower, and was there for most of the morning setup. It's hard to meet a nicer set of people willing to help others learn to become better shooters. Can you guess by this first picture what event I attended?

It was an awesome day, and I learned a lot, even though I didn't have a slot to shoot from (pre-register EARLY folks!) Appleseeds all over the country sold out for this last weekend; if there is ever a time to attend one, let me tell you- it is over a Patriot's Day weekend.
The cool extra stuff that occurs is indescribeable, and I'll reserve it for those that actually have it in them to attend one. The rest of you are missing out on the best shooting information you will ever learn in relation to your rifle. Call it "yoga for Rflemen," or "Body Mechanics 101," whatever. It ROCKS. I will attend again, shoot, and take others with me. This soon-to-be new daddy will NOT "be a Cook.."

No longer will I be like a trained ape, without the training.

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