Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Gold? Check.
Ammo? Check.
Food? Check.

What you DON"T have, and better frigging go to Amazon and buy today, is one of the most thoroughly well written "apocalypse" type novels ever written. If you don't learn SOMETHING from this book, then you are a retard.

PATRIOTS: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse is in its umpteenth revision, and now includes both an index AND a glossary, for you "prepper" newbies. Get off of your candy ass, whip out a credit or debit card and order it NOW. Last time this thing went out of print, I saw copies on Amazon for well over $50 each- and sometimes, a LOT crazier. James Wesley, Rawles talks the talk AND walks the walk.

If you liked Molon Labe, or Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matt Bracken, or any of the hackish Mack Bolan books (like I Read as a kid,) or any of Ahern's SCI-Fi-ish Survivalist Series, or any of the Wingman series, or ASHES books by Johnstone, then you will not regret the measly $15 or so this will cost you shipped.

If you do, well, again- DEE DEE DEE.

My only beef with the book is that its too Idaho-centric. Shoulda been set in Wyoming (but then again, I'm kinda biased.)

You can read your fru-fru conservative books by Coulter an crew, and get mad and do nothing, or you can read a novel AND simultaneously learn how to help your self and others.

Do it NOW. Read it and pass it on, or weep.

(Hell, you're gonna weep anyway, might as well enjoy a good book first.)


If I get one more phone call or email looking for .40 S&W this week, I'm gonna flip.

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