Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why, oh WHY!?!

Why do people put their guns in fluffy cases, haul them in and out of the house, and forget to oil them since 1957?
This former SuperModel of an Ithaca Model 37R will now need refinished, its collectors value consigned to the ash-heap of history,

This is gonna feel (to me) like having to do reconstructive cosmetic surgery on a perky and firm 25-year-old Denise Richards(had she been hideously disfigured.).
Kinda depressing, and the results, while possiblt way cool, will NEVER be as sweet-assed as the original version was.

So here are the BEFORE pictures:

After discussion with the owner and the work is finished, I'll put up the AFTERs.

...and, while I'm thinking of it, DOLLHOUSE ROCKS. Nice job, Joss. We missed ya, buddy.

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