Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2001 Mercury Grand Marquis-with Hyperdrive!

The other day, returning from the shop, as I was blazing along I-35, I beheld a beautiful, if not Indiana Jones-like sight. For about a 2-3 mile stretch, there were simply CLOUDS of bats over the interstate. It had recently warmed up just enough for flies to reappear in the shop vicinity, so there must have been food in flight.
While pondering the awesomeness of what I was seeing and wondering if perhaps Bruce Wayne was nearby, I blew past one of Iowa's Finest.
AS is habit, I look down at the speedometer, make the appropriate adjustments, and then just to make sure all is kosher in dataland, I proceed to reset the GPS in the car.
Lo, and behold!

Apparently, the Mrs. had her friends at CAR-X install a hyperdrive.
And here I was always jealous of the cool kid bloggers that drive EuroCars. Hell, now all I needs is to get me an R2 unit and DuraCoat me some proton torpedoes, and I'm ready to rock.

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