Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My SON gives me the finger(s)

So we got to do the second ultrasound the other day, and lo & behold- it is a BOY.
One would think that I could now cease stockpiling weapons and ammunition; in reality, I now have to buy TWO of everything.

Sucky old Iowa here is expecting 10-12 inches of snow on Friday, which will keep me out of the shop Saturday; pisses me off as I wanted to knock out a couple of sets of grips and redo my parkerizing setup. (in case anyone wonders why gunsmiths seem to take forever to get stuff done...)
At least tomorrow I'll be able to finish the grips I started 2 weeks ago, and get some sweet pics of a .17 Marlin being done in Signature Snow (plus.)
Perhaps the TimMeister shall even learn AK disassembly...
The newest family member needs a tan. Mwahahahaha!

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