Thursday, February 26, 2009

S-MArt Saves Lives

Well, me GOING to S-MArt saves lives.
I was REALLY tired one night last week. Had no interest at all in going in to deal with the nonsense. but had already pushed my limits on what management would likely tolerate out of me for the week (being a reliable worker, etc.) so I decided to go anyhow, even though it likely meant "projects."
( I was sent home 10 min. into it for overstaffing & my willingness to leave, anyway.)

As I am backing out of the drive, I notice that the neighbors deck smells funny, mostly because 3 foot flames are dancing on it. My best guess is that a smoke or a spliff got lodged between the deck and some leaves and the stone facade on the house.

I ran up and banged on the door- when a very sleepy twentysomething answered, all I could do is grin and ask "Dude- got a bucket?" and point at the fire.
The resltant "HOLY SH&T!" was worth the stop alone. While he ran for water, I kicked some snow onto the flames; 3 minutes later, all that was left was aromatic steam and I was back on my way to S-Mart.

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