Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Suck it, Ike.

For days now, I have been trying to decide if I would post this or not, as I have no excessive cash (I abhor using credit) nor excessive time to spare, but here goes:

For the balance of 2008, anyone who sends me a rusty, muddy, crudded up gun that was damaged by flooding from either Gustav or Ike will get a hell of a deal.

(If you tell anyone I'm nice, I will make you suffer.)

Your cost for an oxide blasting (de-rusting) and single color (either matte black or gun blue) DuraCoat  refinish/salvage job on any handgun or long gun will be $20. The weapon will need to be from a flood victim, not just some pawnshop/truck gun. I cannot and will not attempt to salvage a damaged bore or chamber, and if you have let the springs get so bad that they are unserviceable, I will not replace them without charging for it. I may even opt to send it back tagged "unsafe to fire," (and I take and keep photos.) I am not a wood guy, but will do what I can, or can skip it.

If you had no insurance on your guns, or you have one that you are not willing to turn in to insurance for replacement, or if your insurance people are just a nightmare to deal with, then shoot me an email. I rarely answer the phone, but will return messages left in voicemail.

Keep in mind it is cheaper for me to receive and return a handgun from another FFL than it is a non-licensee. You will pay me $20 to cover materials, and you will pay the actual return shipping. (A $20 bill is acceptable, so is one ounce of silver, in lieu of US Federal Play Money.)
If you no longer have a physical address for a firearm to come FROM, find a dealer to ship it from, so I can ship it back when done.

(FFLS-Enclose a copy, and you get one back when the item is returned.)

As long as your firearm is still serviceable when I get it, the action will be clean and mostly waterproof when you get it back, and oiled or greased where it is not.

I reserve the right to cut this offer off at any point, especially if I get overwhelmed.  Existing customers will come first, as will any that pay the bills, and I reserve the right (at this price) to turn these around as I see fit. (I have a life, too.)

This is NOT charity, screw you if you would consider it such. 
Each weapon will be returned with a stack of business cards that I expect to be handed out.

I do you a solid; you do me a solid. That's how it works. 

Send referrals, folks, or "real" work once your life is back in order and you want fun stuff done.

Anyone trying to pull a fast one and take advantage will find their name and contact information posted everywhere online I can post it, so scammers beware. I may offer other options on a case-by-case basis, as I see/handle each item. If you have other metal gear that needs help, like stacks of magazines, ask me.

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