Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Metallica - Death Magnetic

Wow!  Unlike the last 3 albums (or 4, I quit caring, listening and buying after toad, re-toad, and craptastic, or whatever they were called,) Death Magnetic is NOT, I repat, NOT made out of 100% pure donkey suck.
I won't say I'm impressed, but at least I can say I'm not displeased, and can now stop pretending that they all perished in a fiery plane crash in 1991, after the Black album came out.

(That really screwed with my little demented fantasyland when Newsted was on RockStar SuperNova, which by the way, Storm Large SO should have won. The is no justice sometimes.)
Anyhow, I won't recommend anyone go BUY it yet, but it really isn't awful, overall. Unforgiven III takes soemthing away from the overall feel... take it back to Creeping Death and Blackened, Fellas.

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