Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Invented by Accident!

...and apparently, reported on by accident, too.

Who woulda thunk that my favorite hobby revolves around charcoal, sulfur and "Saltpepper?"
Gotta love that spellcheck and/or crappy dictation.

Jeebus. Spellcheck, but don't factcheck. For heaven's sake, don't proofread, either.

I suspect it was compressed IN the bamboo tube, and did not compress the tube.

Perhaps the caption was written by a depressed boob, and was not really about a compressed tube?

Maybe a repressed newb?

Or a regressed dude?

Perplexed frood?

Convex Ood?

Complex food- that must be it. Or undressed nude (commonly found in bathtubs and showers.)

Does anybody here REALLY keep saltpeter in their kitchens these days? Or did the captioner SERIOUSLY need to mention that salt & pepper are commonly found in kitchens?
I guess I should let it go now... the person that put that up COULD be working in a Judicial system or at some DMV office I would need to deal with daily...
at least the cold war is back on, and prospects of a fire and brimstone cleaning of the gene pool is back on the table...

oh crap. I clicked the next link.
I had no idea that engineers developed bellybuttons. How cool.

I love the media.

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