Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blaze and Hawk

No, these are not 2 superheroes. Well, maybe they are somewhere, but not here.

I had someone ask what the 2 oddest requests so far were; here they are.

Example A was for a Blaze Orange DuraCoated Remington 870. Trick is, there was no such thing as Blaze Orange DuraCoat, until I mixed it up. It is absolute hell to photograph properly- digital cameras do NOT like that color.
It eventually ended up with a green and black branch/leaf camo pattern, t tone it down some, and a UV reflective matte clear topcoat. I probably should have hit it with some glow-in-the dark clear for good measure, but there IS such a thing as overkill.

Luckily, the leftover Blaze orange kicks some serious ass on front sights. you CANNOT miss the sight blade, period.

Example B was when another dealer requested a new AR be redone in his favorite college teams colors- so now I needed a gold that was more gold than stock "gold" DuraCoat; I had to mix that one up too. So it got new gold, black, white and canary yellow, with a multilayer glossy clearcoat.

I dig projects like this. The John Deere Green & Yellow break action was kind of odd, too, but I did not get pictures of it assembled, as the wood was jobbed out elsewhere.

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