Friday, January 9, 2009

Is the Wall Streeet Journal TRYING to give me bad dreams?

Getting ready to go crash out for my ususal 3.5 (or so) hours of well earned sleep, and THIS DAMN WSJ ARTICLE has got me all thinky again.

But mostly in a hazy, dazed need a nap fanboy kinda way.
Nothing economic; just...

Is this frigging movie gonna get made already, or what?

Ms. Jolie-Pitt owes me a good movie, after watching that turd "Wanted."
Oh, it had its few good moments, but overall, I'm pissed that I gave up sleep in the hopes that it would get good.

Gimme more like Punisher:War Zone. Finally, somebody gets Frank Castle OVER 90% correct.

(and to the detractors that called it 2 dimensional and too violent: WTF? Apparently, you have never read any of the actual Punisher storylines. Sorry there was no Kirsten Dunst or gooey romance or Heath Ledger. Deal with it and be quiet.)

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