Friday, January 16, 2009

Circuit City Liquidation blues...

...well, here comes the Hope & Change, for 34,000 Circuit City Employees who will be out of work by March 31st.

I wish I had a way to get ahold of the hundreds of awesome Circuit City installers I have spoken to over the past 8 years. If I could, I'd remind them that they have a friend that can send them business, wherever they end up, and help them muddle through state paperwork, and all they would need to do is ask for the Shop Coordinator at 877-777-5020 between 8 and 7 Central time.

Any installer from Circuit that reads this and goes independent (or to another shop,) give that number a jingle- with 12 volt experience, $500k in general liability insurance, and a shop building I would be able to direct people to you ASAP.

For the other Circuit City folks, Godspeed. This is only the beginning of the retail disaster, I'm sure.

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