Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cocktails for Two

Me & a firearm, of course!

I can't do yummy recipes like Brigid does, but I can make a list.
So here is a PARTIAL list of the chemical goodness that goes around on an average shop day:

1) Simple Green.
Its stinging stinkyness is a refreshing smell that means grease and grime are going on vacation.

2) Kroil, like Simple Green for rust and elderly loc-tite.

3) CLP Breakfree- when you absolutely, positively have to decrudify something leadded and powdered, and don't want to wreck nickel (ammonia BAD on nickel substrates.)

4) Sulfuric acid-to remove that annoying blue color some guns have.

5) phosphoric acid-part of the wonderful Parker family of recipes!

6)Aluminum Oxide- either glued to paper, or @ 125 PSI, it stays crunchy in milk.

7) Acetone- great thinner, hygroscopic, and FLAMMABLE!

8) Xylene and Tolulene- the Wonder Twins! Wanna wreck plastic? Shop here!

9) Campbell Hausfield Compressor Oil- DO NOT MIX with aluminum oxide. Compressors no likey.

10) Mineral spirits- gooey tape residue, you are OUTTA HERE!

11) DuraCoat and hardener (DUH!)

12) Various pigments (adds color!)

13) u-235 ( I have a vaseline glass marble on the counter.)

14) Coffee

15) Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Maduro smoke (does that count?)

16) "extra" lead

17) brass

18) green or blue loc-tite

19) 2-ton epoxy

20) Flitz! It rocks, and maketh dullness SHINY!

Optional Chemistry (task dependent) may include, but is not limited to:

a) Oil of Santalaum Album
b) lignum vitae resin
c) Outers gun oil
d) various cold blues
e) brass black
f) aluminum black
g) gold
h) nickel
i) silver

Tomorrow will be an easy day. Just need to clean up and ACU an 870 slug barrel for resale, and polish some new S&W lignum vitae grips. Piece'o' carrotcake.


Brigid said...

Sounds as if your "kitchen" is MUCH better stocked than mine. I'm just now getting new .45 molds.

Sean Galt said...

Perhaps, but I do ZERO reloading (too cheap to pay another category of insurance, and the Mrs FORBIDS keeping powder around, too on top of the other flammables.)
Mine may be stocked, but I suspect YOURS is organized and nowhere near as dusty.