Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ACU Remington 870 Blast-O-Tron

I had fun on this one. I've done dozens of 870s, but this one was just, well, special.

It got micro-abrasive blasted end to end (the non-parked bits, anyway,) and redone in the most frequent pattern I get any more, that wacky US Army ACU. Topped off the front sight with a blaze orange DuraCoat dot; impossible to miss from the user's perspective, and it was ringed with glow-in-the dark phosphorescent. Kinda tricky on a bead sight, but it works.

The colors will be WAAAAY off from the actual fabric unless you hand mix and adjust them, and for those of you who are foolishly ignoring the DuraCoat Mythbusters and "trying this at home," make sure you use only UV-resistant hardener with your matte clearcoat, so that the colors never fade, and make any final adjustments to color by mixing DROPS (not buckets or spoonfuls) of Coyote or MagPul FDE to your final UV-proof clearcoat.

Air-cure for a couple of days, lube, and fire liberally to taste.

As this was a brand new shotty, I was kinda disappointed that Remington QC did not catch the GIANT burr (about 1/16th of an inch!) that was sticking out of the ejection port, off of the right slide rail. God bless the guy that invented diamond bits and files.
Guess I can't fault Remington too much; the dealer hadn't caught it, and neither had the distributor that got it to the dealer, or the customer that sent it in. Woulda been a nasty skin snag the first time a finger went in the port for anything, and at the very least a partial FTE.

Still, I kinda wanted to keep this one, with the snazzy little 3-rail fore arm. Needs a side-saddle and red dot, though, really, to be mo-funner.

I really need to get a Saiga.

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