Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Missing Home

Well, its not EXACTLY home yet, but it is ours, and the possibilities that await us there are so full of potential and learning that sitting behind a desk freezing my butt off hardly seems fruitful by comparison.

But, as has been said before, you have to survive the short run to get TO the long run, and getting out of debt and preparing ourselves and families for an eventual move require me to presently have "frozen sales monkey butt." As it is lunchtime, I will likely go out back and stare at the parking lot...more cityscape and perhaps F16 jet traffic above, if I am lucky (go Vipers!)
It saps the will to function right out of my soul, though, when I think that I could be in our "driveway," looking at this:

...and working towards our ultimate goals.

We we there now...
Instead of going back to a rental home to figure up bills and write checks, I could blow off the afternoon and evening plans, grab the Mrs., and go to the lake...

But realistically, I'd even prefer to have a safe full of Glocks, Beretta 92s, Mossy 500s and AR15s to work on in digital camo, (even though THOSE get somewhat dull!) VERSUS having to sit around getting fatter for the next 4-5 hours. Aaaargh!

Anybody know what I could get for a kidney? ANYTHING to speed up this process.

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