Monday, August 25, 2008

DuraCoat camo Example #1

So, this is what I do for fun & profit. I take dull, run of the mill weapons and camo the heck out of them. I also do a fair share of firearm rehabilitation-"cosmetic surgery," if you will, on rusty, fugly, and well-used guns. Pits filled, holes plugged. All by request. Many firearms purists despise this type of work and finish- I am not in a position to reach out to those folk's happiness just yet. I am already set up to black manganese parkerize, DuraCoat and do a bit of electroless nickle; until I move in a couple of years, I will not set up to hot blue or Zinc park. When I do, though, hold on tight-it will kick smurf arse. Meanwhile, I have plenty on my plate to keep me at the shop for 20-plus hours a week.
This shining example is a "snakeskin" type camo, usually applied by folks using the good old fashioned GI laundry bag or sniper veil. While those produce pretty cool results on their own, I prefer various other netting sources. This Remington 870 started out as a 4-color pattern; once I got my heart into it, though, it rapidly evolved to seven.
Here is Stretch, the shop assistant/apprentice, posing with the partially assembled remmy:

Stretch is a good kid, and she had fun working on stuff this summer, learning tools.
It beat the snot out of mowing lawns & cleaning gutters, I suppose...or worse, detassling corn.
I gave her a WalMart face, until such time as she decides she's not shy. I mean, how self conscious were you at 12?

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