Tuesday, August 10, 2010

21st Century Sniglet!

Remember a comedian named Rich Hall, and his 1980’s show, Not Necessarily the News?

Hall had a segment on the show about “Sniglets,” which he called words that should be in the dictionary but aren’t.. I miss the show segment; clean, pure comedy seems like such a thing of the past.

So recently, given the opportunity to come up with a new word to fit what seems to be a common, modern situation, I present my first Sniglet:

Slang, verb.
to have been inconvenienced, stalled, and duped; to have been caused financial hardship while the perpetrator resentfully claims to have provided a benefit. I got so Gpalled by that televangelist...

to put to financial inconvenience or distress; to cause discomfort:
a) Rodney GPalled me hard yesterday. He took money out of my wallet before asking me for a loan, and was indignant when I got pissed off about it.
b) Ben talked me into bending over and did unspeakable things to me, then charged me money for it and expected a thank you card. I was Gpalled until my ass hurt.

a) A non- service.
b) to fiscally date rape, and make excuses for it such as “they asked for it” or “ I didn’t mean to” or “ I didn’t think you really meant no.” To GPal.

1950’s Wally & Beaver English- “Gee,” golly, wow; + 1920’s Prohibition English “Pal,”buddy, bub.
mid-14c., "heresy," later "carnalis copula contra Naturam, & hoc vel per confusionem ad eundem PayPalerium."

Please feel free to comment on any corrections or additions, I’m not an Engrish major by any means, nor a comedian. Just a company that is otherwise unreachable, unless folks break out the long arm of the law.

I accepted over $900 into my GPAL account on 7/19, and have been trying to get my hands on part of it ever since. There was no warning from GPal that they had gone defective.

I've tried nice with little action. What next? AG? BBB? FTC? FBI? Even direct email to the VP got no response, and my 1 "Support Ticket" was responded to by George Hammond (I can only assume he works for GPal in his spare time since retiring from Stargate Command.)

You hope for the best from some organizations, and then they, well... GPAL ya in the keester.



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