Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Passion of the Volk

So, the Ultimate Awesome Photographer Oleg Volk has recently been shooting pics of some of my refinishing work. You gotta love this guy's passion, skill, & spirit:

Education at its FINEST.

Soon-to-be Supermodel Jessica

(Probably Eli's first rifle.)

A business would have to be all kinds of dumb to not hire Oleg and one of his fantastic models.

And Eli and I have been going over new skill sets:

(Eating like a Big Boy, crawling, standing, yakking...dueling is a ways off.)

(Funny thing is, he didn't actually crawl UNTIL daddy fired up the lightsaber- THEN we had to come see what the red blade tasted like, and scoot scoot CRAWL. The kid cracks me up.)

And Finally, here is why it might take weeks over the winter to refinish a SIMPLE 1911-
You have to be able to GET to the shop! Blizzards suck.

(Parkerized & primed with first round of DuraCoat; ready for fine sanding prior to gloss black)

Also, here is a Christmas Delivery for someone:

1-9 heavy barrel, Eotech 512 (AA Battery model,) MagLevel PMAG with ranger floorplates, M4 6-position stock, Rock River 2-stage match trigger, Midwest Industries co-witness rail mount, Phantom Flah hider, Yankee Hill Diamond-style freefloat forearm, and a midlength gas system for the whole package. Not exactly what Santa wants, but it beats waiting 6 months for an RRA TASC kit to be delivered, to be sure.

The lower is from SI DEFENSE- and they are hands down the NICEST lowers I have ever seen, finish wise. Fit is pretty damn good too.

If I don't post again until after the holidays, please forgive me- plenty going on and just catching up on emails & phone calls is a challenge.

so, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

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