Sunday, August 16, 2009

Toddywood Signs

So it turns out my friend Todd is a really profiicent local woodcarver/burner and signmaker.
As a commission for the Boy, he did the following on Poplar, a piece around 12 x 16 (too lazy to measure right now.)

$45 plus shipping for a similar (but not identical) design, or $65/shipping and it will be "worked up" for you based on your idea, and then created on your approval based on your approved design.
A variety of woods are available, as are framing. Todd has not had time or inclination to put up a website, so after we get a photoshoot done, examples will go up on the Galt's Guns website.

Flash photo:

No flash:

Email or comment with questions.

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Brigid said...

That's really beautiful work.