Friday, December 5, 2008

English to Gunsmith dictionary

Anybody know where I can find one to hand out to folks BEFORE I take in work?

Today's example:

(In English) "Can you clean my shotgun for me?"

(Gunsmith SHOULD hear) "I've kept this buried in my back yard for 2 years, and hadn't cleaned it for at least 10 years before that. I think the freeze/thaw cycle might have left a mark on the bluing; mechanical parts X, Y and Z also stick sometimes- can you make it look brand new, clean it, test it, and only bill me for 30 minutes of work?"

I'm just saying.

Perhaps $150 Mossbergs wouldn't become $20 Mossbergs (requiring $200 of work & parts!) if they had been fortunate enough to have been born Benellis- but somehow, I doubt it.

Having a truck gun is one thing-full of dirt & lint & kept in a soft case in your trunk for 3 weeks during first snow, well, not so hot.

Hey, on a n up note, check out the newish hat at the NRASTORE.

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