Monday, November 10, 2008

Even a short day at the shop... no shop time at all.

Had to duck out early Saturday due to Ms. Jazzy's birthday, and it was worth every second.
But while there, a 96D Got a dose of FN Green (final coat pending) and a very nice scope got Coyoted up to match the Winchester 70 it is going to live on.

While I skipped the cake (as IF I need it- I look like I ate Michael Moore already!) I did enjoy the post-cake training session for Ms. Jazz:

What a cool family. I am blessed.

First ya practice with the electronic lever action, then you can practice with the Red Ryder (not pictured, but redone in a pink & silver finish that dad did that would give me a run for my money!)

Once you have the Red Ryder down, THEN comes the Crickett.

The targets you can't see are her daddy's deer mounts on the far wall. And the pheasants. And the remote-controlled My Little Pony scooter that mom was driving around.

I bet she's a Riflewoman by age 12.

Rabbits beware.

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